An ancient Draconin with a mysterious background.


Barus is beyond old. He wears the weathered age of millenia, his hunched, cloaked figure shrouded in the mystery of the ages. His scale color is a withered gray, and it is impossible to tell whether he was black or silver in his youth. Barus has two children: A daughter named Vara, a bronze who seems to be a low level ranger and whose actual name is unknown, and a son, Darun, a black and red scaled Draconin who is a ruthless and cruel fighter.

At this time, Barus has contracted the party to recover certain relics known as the Keystones of the Necropolis, and has offered significant treasures as rewards, the first being the legacy weapons Shorumath to Azelle, Morkrail to Sylvester, and Kazael to Mora. As of now, the party has recovered two Keystones: the Emerald and the Sapphire, and have overcome the curses of Venom and of Death, the curse of venom being a magical poison that kills all who touch it and the curse of death being a powerful undead guardian constructed of the skeletons and the souls of hundreds. Barus’ motives are, as of yet, unknown, and it is unclear whether he seeks to harm or to help.



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